Local package dependency

Hello everyone!

I am trying to use fpm for a local project for which I require another local package that has been build with fpm. I tried to add the latter as a dependency passing in the .toml the full path of the directory but it doesn’t seem to work. I couldn’t find any info or example on this case, am missing something? Is it impossible to pass local dependencies?

An example of what I had in the .toml file:

stdlib = “*”

Thank you in advance!

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The syntax is:

mypackage = { path = "../mypackage" }

(supposing here that the subdirectory mypackage is in the same directory as your project subdirectory.)

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Hi @SamuG, welcome!

The correct syntax should be

mypackage = { path = "path/to/mypackage" }

PS: Ooops, I can see you’ve already received the correct answer ahah!

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