Lfortran Exception: visit_Read() not implemented ERROR

Hi above problem is shown when using latest build with latest Miniconda 3 and Jupyter. Any idea how to get past this?



@hpigula Thanks a lot for the bug report and for trying LFortran! Welcome to the Fortran Discourse. Indeed, we have not implemented file IO yet in the runtime library. I just created an issue for that: Implement read, write, open, close in the runtime library and LLVM (#563) · Issues · lfortran / lfortran · GitLab.

We will get to this soon. If anybody is interested in helping, please let me know.

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Thanks a lot and looking forward to later development :slightly_smiling_face:
Ps. Got this error while trying floats example from tutorial fortrans homepage.

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Awesome. Yes, I’ve been planning to try LFortran on the tutorial and make sure it works. And create Jupyter notebooks so that people can easily try it interactively. You can follow what we are currently working on in the merged MR tab here: Merge requests · lfortran / lfortran · GitLab.