Issues with Intel Fortran in Visual Studio

I’ve already spent hours trying to solve this.

I guess I could write to the Intel forum, but as there are other things I dislike about Visual Studio, my primary goal is to get them to support vscode debugging, so I’ll be doing that first…

Good to hear about improvements in VS2022. I can’t do it whenever I like because the whole team has to do it, but I guess we’ll be switching soon (this year).

I see.
I found sometimes it may be related with Windows SDK version.

The latest version of SDK may help.

I wrote a plea to Intel asking to create a vscode debugger extension. See this post for details:


I’m starting to use MS Visual Studio for the first time to debug a large Fortran application for Windows. It just happened so that VS 2022 version 17.2 which was the latest version at the time of my download (early August) broke compatibility with the Intel Fortran compiler suite:

I’m now installing VS 2022 v17.0 and hope that it will work. Not exactly on-topic to the original question, but FWIW, I hope it helps somebody here. It took me a while to realize that it wasn’t me but VS that was causing the problem, because the error message was cryptic.

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My colleague recently ran into the same issue by accidentally updating VS.

The issue should be fixed from VS 17.3.0 onward, see this post:

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Confirmed, it now works with both VS 17.0.13 and 17.3.3. I wish I had seen that post sooner. When installing VS 17.0.13, I had to run the Repair sequence for the Intel compiler suite (v2022.1.0) for it to get integrated with the IDE.

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