Installing Intel Fortran Compiler on Fedora 35

I got this warning when trying to install Ifort on Fedora 35. Should I proceed or try to fix something ?
Fedora 35 is listed as compatible on the system requirements:

(It is recommended that you resolve these issues now, but you may continue
to Installation and resolve them later)
This machine uses operating system “Fedora Core Linux version 3”. Compat
ibility issues may occur.
Installation can continue; however, product functionality may not meet e
xpectations because this product is untested on this operating system. S
uggestion: Check the Release Notes for a list of supported operating sys
tems and install this product on a compliant system.

You can proceed. This merely means that the Intel compiler team didn’t test it on all OSs.

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I’ve been using the oneAPI compilers on an operating system identified as Unknown Linux or something (its an Arch Linux actually) without issues, therefore I wouldn’t worry too much about the warning.


Thank you !

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Thank you too as well

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