Hello from a new member everyone!

My name is Bojan Niceno, and am working as a scientist at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. The focus of my research is Computational Fluid Dynamics (abbreviated as CFD), new multiphase models for CFD in particular, and as an integral part of my work I am programming a lot.

I have been around for a while and was coding in different languages, but for most of my career the C++ was the language of my choice. Several years back, for some practical and a few emotional reasons, I switched to a code I developed in FORTRAN 77 for my PhD thesis and started a serious re-factoring, gradually transforming it into object-oriented Fortran 2003. Along the way I grew to like modern Fortran a lot. It did mature nicely in this century and, in my humble opinion, because it’s less rich than C++, leaves more of your brain capacity free to focus on the physical phenomena you want to model, rather than diverting your attention towards the plethora of architectural possibilities C++ has in its arsenal.

It is also undeniable fact that there are less people coding in Fortran which makes us more … exclusive in a way … I would dare to say :slight_smile: I joined this forum on the recommendation of Stuart Mentzer from Objexx, in hope to learn more about modern Fortran and hang out with like-minded people.

P.S. This is my first post and I hope I didn’t miss a page where new members introduce themselves. If it exists, I didn’t find it. Feel free to re-direct me.


Welcome to the Fortran lovers Discourse! Thanks for presenting yourself. There is no specific place for that. But if you want, you can also unearth some old posts like:


Welcome to this forum, @Niceno . Everyone can learn from your experiences and expertise and hopefully you will find the site beneficial too in your research.



You may also add (or not) information about yourself or your interests in your profile (“About me” box): people will see it when clicking on your icon.


Welcome @Niceno. I collaborated on a project with Stuart and PSI as recently as a year ago. It’s good to know this community has started to gain exposure into those circles. I hope you can find this community helpful.


Thanks for posting @Niceno and welcome! If you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas what you would like to improve, please let us know.