GSoC 22: fpm-ize the Fortran Ecosystem || Blog Post by Arteev Raina || #6

Good Day Everyone,

Last week I have completed my first Pull Request that was based on defining the syntax for the preprocessor table in the fpm.toml file and if preprocess.cpp is found in the fpm.toml file fpm should under the hood add -cpp flag to the default flags.

Other than that, I also updated this Pull Request with an example package preprocess_cpp to test the feature and also added the test cases for the code that I added.

I would say having an hands-on experience on Fortran-based projects like FPM, I got a better understanding of Fortran as a language and better understanding of FPM as a project since I had to explore the project while writing code for this PR.

This week, I would update the fpm-docs manifest reference with the Pull Request for the new preprocess table for the manifest file and after that would discuss the order of implementation of the next tasks I am going to complete while adding preprocessor support for fpm. Also, If any other changes are requested by other community members in the pull request I will make sure to complete them.

Arteev Raina