`gfortran` ICE in a function array construct

I mentioned in the other thread that I have tried to make a function array like this Is it possible to define the product of 2 procedure pointers at runtime? - #7 by ivanpribec in one of my hobby projects (fpm package available here GitHub - ettaka/fmot). In the past I tried to do it but got compiler errors. Now with the working MVP example from @ivanpribec I got more confident that I will be able to do it. When I tried to implement it in this commit Implement a force array · ettaka/fmot@2499741 · GitHub
I got an ICE in gfortran up until version 13 (last one I tried). I am pretty sure I do everything correctly and it is a problem with gfortran because flang compiles and runs it correctly. I wonder what the actual problem might be because I would like to report it, but I doubt they will run my fpm package.

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