Gfortran -ffe-trap=precision

Recently there was some discussion in comp.lang.fortran newsgroup claiming a run-time bug in gfortran on compiling a simple program with the -ffe-trap=precision option. If I use -ffe-trap=foobar instead I get the expected compile-time error message with the same program:

john@johns-laptop:~/Jfh$ cat test50.f90
program test
john@johns-laptop:~/Jfh$ gfortran -ffpe-trap=foobar test50.f90
f951: Fatal Error: Argument to ‘-ffpe-summary’ is not valid: foobar
compilation terminated.

I was using gfortran 9.3 in a Linux ubuntu system.
The -ffpe-trap=precisiion option is not mentioned in man gfortran and does not give a compile-time error,. Is it a valid option that needs documenting or an invalid option that ought to trigger a compile-time error?

Apology: in my recent posting here, please read ffpe for ffe.

The precision option is documented at:

with a warning that wasn’t clear to me. While I realize now that “library routines” includes I/O, that didn’t register at the time.

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