Fpm version 0.8.1 released

We just released fpm version 0.8.1, which introduces hotfixes for unnecessary dependency updates. Many thanks to @urbanjost, @everythingfunctional and everyone who contributed to the debugging.

Find the full v0.8.1 release notes here or on GitHub .

The development of fpm v0.8 was sponsored by the Sovereign Tech Fund .


… out-of-date … :face_with_peeking_eye:

Interesting comment re: Sovereign Tech Fund, “However, the language is complex to use and out-of-date.”

@milancurcic , @rouson, @awvwgk et al., would you know the specific aspects re: climate modeling (and any other) that led to the above comment at the Sovereign Tech Fund page?

Well, they’ll be surprised by the amount of modernization! :slight_smile:


I followed the relnotes link, then proceeded to main fpm page, “Install fpm”. Did the “Homebrew” instructions, got … version 0.5.0 :frowning:

Edit: that 0.5.0 version does not even work, relying on /usr/local/opt/gcc/lib/gcc/11/libgfortran.5.dylib library which I do not have (gcc is already v. 12)

So it seems that the Homebrew part of “Install fpm” instructions should be either updated or deleted.

The custom tap for homebrew has always been a bit shaky. Installing from source and ignoring the provided bottles might help.

A more stable homebrew support could be archived by submitting to homebrew/core rather than running our own tap. I have never really been interested to submit the fpm formula since I’m neither a brew nor a MacOS user and was hoping that somebody would pick this up (see fpm#400 for original discussion two years ago).

@msz59 would you mind trying the (experimental) Homebrew formula for fpm-0.8.1 on my fork?

brew tap perazz/fortran
brew install perazz/fortran/fpm

@awvwgk on Homebrew, there’s no other choice than to use its own Fortran compiler - why don’t we avoid pre-building bottles, and have brew always install fpm from sources? until fpm is a smallish project, it would drastically simplify the CI.

It worked fine, thank you. From what I have seen while installing, fpm was built from source.

==> Installing perazz/fortran/fpm
==> Using Homebrew-provided Fortran compiler
This may be changed by setting the FC environment variable.
==> pwd
==> sh ./install.sh --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/fpm/0.8.1
🍺  /usr/local/Cellar/fpm/0.8.1: 6 files, 1.4MB, built in 1 minute 57 seconds
==> Running `brew cleanup fpm`...

After successful install, it reports 0.8.1 version.

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