FPM linking fails


I have this manifest:

name = “e2e”
version = “0.1.0”
license = “license”
author = “sprock”
maintainer = “sprock@somewhere”
copyright = “Copyright”
auto-executables = true
auto-tests = true
auto-examples = true
module-naming = false
external-modules = [“fox_dom”, “fox_wxml”]
link = [“FoX_dom”,“FoX_common”,“FoX_fsys”,“FoX_utils”,“FoX_wxml”,“FoX_sax”]
library = false
implicit-typing = false
implicit-external = false
source-form = “free”

I invoke it like this:

fpm build --flag “-I/home/sprock/.local/fox/finclude” --link-flag “-fopenmp -L/home/sprock/.local/fox/lib”

The libraries exist in the specified directory:

ls ~/.local/fox/lib
libFoX_common.a* libFoX_dom.a* libFoX_fsys.a* libFoX_sax.a* libFoX_utils.a* libFoX_wcml.a* libFoX_wkml.a* libFoX_wxml.a

Linking fails with lots of undefined references:
/usr/local/bin/ld: /home/sprock/.local/fox/lib/libFoX_wxml.a(m_wxml_core.o): in function __m_wxml_core_MOD_add_eol': /home/sprock/Software/FoX/fox/wxml/m_wxml_core.F90:1755: undefined reference to __m_common_buffer_MOD_dump_buffer’


I’m using FPM Version: 0.9.0, alpha

Can someone please point out what I’m doing wrong?