Fpm error, need help

In the fpm.toml, I have

suffixes = [“fypp”]

fpm build gives the following error:
cmd_build:package error:Key preprocess is not allowed in package file

Did I miss something?

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Preprocess was introduced into fpm source code by @arteevraina a month ago (see here for details), and although it has been written to fpm-docs (see here), fpm will not be able to parse the preprocess table in fpm.toml if we do not use the latest source compilation of fpm (like bleeding edge version of fpm).

To summarize, this feature has not been officially released in the new alpha version of fpm like fpm-0.7.0.


Thank you. Good to know.

The development of fypp support is ongoing at the moment

There is also a stdlib branch which builds with the linked PR at