Fortran tools on GitHub

Fortran tools on GitHub lists tools in the categories below


Thanks @Beliavsky ! We should figure out how to maintain this as a community and present at for greater visibility.

I think submitting to the Package Index is the way to go.

Most of the Fortran tools are not written in Fortran. The Package Index is more suitable for items in the Fortran codes on GitHub list.

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We currently don’t limit to Fortran as the implementation language, e.g. ford, fypp, fprettify are all implemented in Python, and listed. The current scope for the package index is “written in Fortran or for use with Fortran”.

My original idea for the package index is indeed codes written in Fortran. If it is not written in Fortran, hopefully it is a tool, and in that case it can go into the tools section. I have noticed that we put in some tools that are just a simple Python script. I don’t like that, I would prefer if the package section contains high quality maintained Fortran codes, hopefully with several contributors etc.

Perhaps we could clearly mark “for use with Fortran”, written in any langauge. In that case, I think LFortran, GFortran and Flang should all be also listed.


If people prefer that, it would work as well.

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