Fortran syntax for kakoune editor

Made a start -


Welcome @freevryheid and thank you for this. I haven’t heard of Kakoune before this so I went to take a look and may even try it.

this is strictly free-form format and I don’t have plans right now to develop kak syntax for pre-f90 or fixed format files.

This seems sensible to me. With f90.kak, will Kakoune render a .f file without any syntax highlighting or will it assume free-form for that as well?

See relevant discussions on this here and here.


Yep, the top lines in the f90.kak file define the syntax. Detection is done by regex examining the filename extension. Currently the following is used:

hook global BufCreate .*\.(f90|f95|f03|f08) %{
    set-option buffer filetype fortran

To use .f as free-form, just append “|f” as in:

hook global BufCreate .*\.(f90|f95|f03|f08|f) %{
    set-option buffer filetype fortran

Also, I forgot to mention - kak can be extended as a language server client to the fortran-language-server.

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Welcome @freevryheid. Awesome, thanks for doing this. Here is the link to the editor, I never heard of it before: