Fortran returns to top 20 TIOBE index

We discussed this already in this thread. There might be better measures for language popularity, but this thread seems to specially focus on the TIOBE index. To discuss other metrics on Fortran I would recommend to create a new thread to keep this one on topic.

I think the comment below is still an apt summary


With modern Fortran, I personally think the situation is truly that of unrealized potential.

And with just a few more facilities toward practicing Fortran, especially Generics, a bit more refined control of run-time exceptions particularly with the use of FUNCTION subprograms, and a few languages goodies, and improvements in the ecosystem - all of which help develop powerful libraries that can serve robustly for decades and decades - modern Fortran can potentially see exponential growth in consumption in many domains and platforms including cloud and mobile that have long overlooked this venerable language only because of unfavorable impressions with FORTRAN.

The above advancements can permanently place modern Fortran truly where it belongs which is in the very top echelon of any language index, TIOBE or any other.


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Here the 2022 TIOBE data for Fortran, from @nbehrnd

|month |% |rank|

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