Fortran on MVS in Hercules emulator

This #Fortran tweet caught my attention earlier. For those of my age (early 30’s), MVS is an abbreviation for Multiple Virtual Storage, an operating system for IBM mainframe computers such as the System/360 (the chief architect of this computer was Gene Amdahl, which will be familiar to those who have dabbled in parallel programming)

The author of the tweet also has a Youtube channel with the following description:

I make videos on how to get things done on the “other” computers out there, such as IBM mainframes, DEC computers, Crays etc. There is quite a bit of programming going on in this channel. If you like watching people while they code, you have arrived. I like Go and PL/1 programming but also use assembler quite a bit.

One of his videos covers Fortran compilers on IBM MVS 3.8: