Fortran has the fastest matmul

In this new benchmark, Fortran has the fastest matmul. You guys might want to add the Fortran version of bedcov and further optimize all the Fortran codes.


ifort’s “three loops matmul” is soooo fast. But ifx slow.

> ifx -v
ifx version 2024.0.1
> ifx matmul.f90 -O3 -march=native && time ./a.out

Executed in    1.04 secs    fish           external
   usr time    1.04 secs    0.00 micros    1.04 secs
   sys time    0.00 secs  433.00 micros    0.00 secs
> ifort -v
 ifort version 2021.11.1
> ifort matmul.f90 -Ofast -march=native && time ./a.out

Executed in  217.17 millis    fish           external
   usr time  216.92 millis    0.00 micros  216.92 millis
   sys time    0.32 millis  318.00 micros    0.00 millis

Maybe ifort has been specifically optimized for matmul benchmark


Very interesting! It should be noted through that they do not test the matmul intrinsic function but a loop-based implementation of matrix multiplication (three nested loops) (referring to Fortran of course)