Fortran frameworks/Libraries for Robotics/Artificial Intelligence

Are there libraries/frameworks available for Robotics/Artificial Intelligence in Fortran? I’ve searched Google for over two weeks and I couldn’t find suitable answers. All related answers I saw were about Fortran number crunching prowess.
N.B: The question is strictly Fortran and I don’t need suggestions for other better languages for Robotics/AI…

Thank you.


Thanks for the question @Believe and welcome!

I am aware of this library:

There might be more.

Can be more specific what features you would like to see from an AI library in Fortran?


Deep Learning and Machine Learning

I am aware of a few more:

If you would like to deploy a NN trained in Python (Keras), there is the Fortran Keras Bridge which works together with the neural-fortran code mentioned by @certik.


Thanks you very much.