FortCharConv Library

FortCharConv is a Fortran library to convert between string and number. The conversions between string and floating-point (real) number are based on various binary-decimal conversion algorithms including Dragonbox, Ryu, Schubfach, Clinger and Eisel-Lemire. The most valuable part of the libary is that it illustrates how we can implement unsigned integer in Fortran.


Welcome to the Discourse @Niranama, and congratulations on what looks like an amazing package!

I have two questions:

  1. what license are you planning to release your code with?
  2. Would you like to integrate it with the fpm build system?

You may also want to connect with the Fortranners on this forum, that are also working to integrate string->number conversion capabilities into stdlib.


Welcome @Niranama and thank you for sharing your library. It seems highly related with the current PR of @hkvzjal . Some additional discussion can be also found in this thread.

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@ jeremie.vandenplas, I have actually been inspired by the discussions in that thread and discussions in others about the limitation of Fortran language relating to the unsigned integer so I release this library in the hope that Fortranners can learn about how to implement the unsigned integer in Fortran.
@ FedericoPerini, answers to your questions are:

  1. Honestly, I don’t care about the copyright and license but I understand that I should have one because many people (including me) would consider this library a derivative work (not an original one) due to the fact that I did look at the source code of those references mentioned in my source code. The problem is that I don’t know much about the license and those references have various different licenses. What would be your suggestions about this problem.
  2. I just want to publish the library as it is because I don’t know about how to integrate the library with the fpm build system. However, I don’t mind if you and anyone else take the code and modified it to suite your need. Just a warning. I only tested the library with Intel compiler 19.1 for Windows so I don’t know if there will be a problem with other compilers and other operating systems but I tried to implement the library without using any extensions offered by the compiler.
    I hope that this library is useful to the Fortran community and if anyone have a question relating to the library and its implementation, please feel free to ask.