ForMIDI, a small Fortran MIDI sequencer for composing music

ForMIDI v0.1 “Formidable” has been released under GNU GPLv3 license:

It is a translation of a C project used for teaching. You can build it using fpm or the script.

It includes several demos with comments:

  • demo1: five notes that could be useful to communicate with an E.T. intelligence…
  • demo2: a simple canon based on the first measures of Pachelbel’s Canon. Listen to the ogg file.
  • demo3: a stochastic blues, including a percussion track.

Some difficulties concerning the C->Fortran translation were discussed here:

Coding the basics of the MIDI protocole was not very complicated, except concerning the fact that some 32 bits data are encoded using the Variable-Length Quantity code to use only the minimum number of bytes. It’s because MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was launched in 1983 and its speed is only 31250 baud!


Two interesting articles about an early experiment: “Push Button Bertha” (1956). In the second link, there is some newspapers articles published in 1956-57:

Probably not yet in Fortran, our baby was just being born…