Flatiron Institute

James Simons, a mathematician, founded a very successful quant hedge fund, Renaissance, and has net worth $25 bil. He now funds the Flatiron Institute. “The mission of the Flatiron Institute is to advance scientific research through computational methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation.” Flatiron hires people to do research – a job ad is here . I don’t know if it awards outside grants. They sponsor at least one project that uses Fortran, the Flatiron Institute Fast Multipole Libraries. I wonder if and how they could be induced to fund other Fortran projects.


It can’t hurt to ask - Simons has lots of money. He tends to hire people with PhD degrees in Physics. I don’t know about if/how they support remote workers, but the Institute itself is located in New York City, which would be a negative for a lot of people.

I just submitted their libraries for addition to the package index: #288.

We’ll definitely reach out to the developers once we have it merged.

The site

Fast Algorithms: A collection of codes for solving integral equation formulations of boundary value problems

features research from people at Flatiron and their collaborators. The GitHub repos are here, 6 using Fortran and 2 using Matlab.