Doxygen support for FORD

The FORD parser currently does not support the module description statements @brief and @details and is incompatible with Fortran documentations that were initially created for doxygen. Are there any plans to implement them in an upcoming update? It would make sense to allow the user to document their code in a way that allows them to choose which documentation generator they would like to use, especially for projects that rely on features that are only available on either one at a given time.

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There is some support according to Writing Documentation · Fortran-FOSS-Programmers/ford Wiki · GitHub
@cmacmackin: Is the list in the documentation exhaustive or is it an extendable feature?

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That list is exhaustive. It has never been a design goal for FORD to support all Doxygen syntax. FORD is its own project and seeks to determine its own best way of doing things. I’d always imagined people would pick either FORD or Doxygen, not try to use both at once.

FORD does not currently support plugins/extensions. It would be useful if it did but it wasn’t designed that way to begin with. Maybe one day it can be refactored to provide a plugin framework, but this is not on the horizon. However, FORD does support using Markdown extensions. It might be possible to write a Markdown extension to provide this functionality.


@d.mentock thanks for the question and welcome to the forum!