Deprecation Notice for Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic (ifort)

ICC, the Intel C/C++ Compiler Classic was deprecated in September 2022. And with the new 2024 release it is removed from all packages.
ICC customers are advised to move to the new ICX/ICPX compilers.

When you try IFX, make sure it is a minumum of version 2023.2.0. Nothing older. The older the IFX compiler, the higher the probability of encountering a bug particularly with codes with modern F2018 features.

Bug reports on ifort: you can still report issues with ifort. Ifx and ifort share the same Fortran front-end code. When we get a bug against ifort, we first test with the latest ifx, which today is 2024.0. If it is not a bug with ifx you will be asked to move to ifx. If it affects both compilers then it’s in the shared front-end code and we’ll fix it in both. Same code. Send in the version of ifx you are using and we can regression test it and see if it’s fixed in the current releases and advise you on the version of ifx to use to avoid the bug.

You have a good approach: validate a tools stack at a particular Windows version and VS version and Intel compiler version. Use that stack without updates or changes. Then pick a second stack with the latest from MS and Intel and validate that stack to use in future releases of your application. The reason I mentioned avoiding updates is that VS updates have broken our integrations twice in the past year or so. As you know, VS is pushing out updates almost every month and all of us struggle to keep up without breaking our stacks.