Defining STDIN at CLI

I have a Fortran program that takes an input and output file from the commandline…

extracks < input_file.lst > output_file.trk

The output works fine (I sue it in other Fortran programs) but on my Windows computer, using PowerShell, I get told that I cannot use < since this is reserved for future use.

How do I define the STDIN (5) as a commandline argument under a Windows system?

Welcome to the forum. Such a command works fine under Windows CMD, the old command line interpreter, which I think is what most Windows Fortranners use. Regarding PowerShell, your question has been answered on StackOverflow, where it is suggested to do something like

Get-Content input.txt | ./program > output.txt

I wonder if any Windows users prefer to use PowerShell for their scientific computing, and if so, what its benefits are.

Yes, sorry. It was PowerShell causing the issue.