I released datetime-fortran-1.7.0 today.

What’s new:

  • datetime-fortran is now a single-file, single-module library, which allows seamless inclusion in existing projects independent of build systems.
  • datetime-fortran can now be built with FPM.
  • tm_struct instances are now properly initialized before use.

What about including this library into fortran/stdlib?

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Welcome @jurnix! See the ongoing discussion here. It’d be great if you can join and provide your feedback there.

As of right now, there’s not much consensus on how to best treat dates and times in stdlib. They are certainly in scope.

In the meantime, datetime-fortran is still easier to install than stdlib, so if you’re working with stdlib already using datetime-fortran should be no extra burden–you can install it using CMake, autotools, fpm, or simply drop-in the source file in your project.