Configuring a build script for NumerMP

Hi all
I created NumerMP package couple days ago.
For building this project as a python package, i had to use f2py in order to create signature files for fortran subroutines that contains openmp library(.pyf and .so files).
I ran commands below and got .pyf and .so files for trial fortran sources:

  1. python -m numpy.f2py trial_file.f90 -m module_name -h trial_file.pyf
  2. python -m numpy.f2py -c --f90flags=’-fopenmp’ -lgomp trial_file.pyf trial_file.f90

Then, i tested generated extension modules inside library itself and they worked correctly.
Then i built whole project and uploaded to test pypi and installed it using pip, But i got Import Error.

How can i fix this build issue?

Hi, I can’t see any code in the NumerMP git repo, and I can’t find the package in pypi. Am I missing something?

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No, you don’t. I worked in a separate local branch and removed it after it failed. :man_facepalming:
I will push new local branch as soon as possible and build a test release.

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I have pushed new branch called build_issue, you can check it out now.
And i also sent you a collaborator invitation, Please join to this project if you would like.