Codeblocks for Fortran

Hi guys, I am switching to codeblocks as my main code-writing and debugging platform. However, it occurs to me that, the spacing for each character is different (unlike notepad++ or other platforms). I have been looking for it on the internet but couldn’t find it. I know that spacing is not important in Fortran and indentation. But I wish we can customize it. Therefore my questions are:

  1. Can we set for all characters to have the same “space”?
  2. Can we allow the indentation to show something (like in notepad++)?
  3. Can we disable the auto indentation (because my compiler kept telling me it is not default white space)?

Thanks a lot~

@fallenengineer ,

You may want to also inquire at the CBFortran group for discussions about Code::Blocks Fortran IDE e.g.,

The author, Darius Markauskas, for the Fortran plug-in for Code::Blocks appears to keep a close eye on the above group and replies there very promptly.