Code for Intel ODE Solver - dodesol

Intel had an ode solver library (dodesol) around 2008, which was incredibly great for stiff problems. Where lsoda or cvode would fail, dodesol would power through.

I believe internal development was discontinued and the code was provided at some point. I have tried searching for it but to no avail. I only came across similar sentiments and experience from others as I had.

Does anyone here have the source code?

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Best I could find was the download page with the author’s names and a filename. I didn’t have much luck with search engines. Maybe email the authors? Let me know if you can find it.

Thanks. I will email the authors.

For stiff ODE solving, perhaps also have a look at the options FATODE provides. I have used their Rodas3 method in cases where dvode would fail; FATODE site