Codata Library: All physical constants

I would like to present a tiny library which contains physical constant from codata. The source code is auto-generated from a list of constants. The constants are interoperable with C and there is python wrapper with binaries on pypi. The library integrates with the Fortran Package Manager.


Thanks a lot. This is huge!

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The CODATA were discussed previously in Physical constants

There are two other Fortran projects implementing these:


Any news about CODATA 2022? The constants should have been put online in May or June 2023. I guess the COVID years have slowed the work on the new values…

Usually the releases are associated with publications:

I didn’t find any publication related to CODATA 2022.

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Yes, they are late as they say on their page:

The 2022 CODATA adjustment of the fundamental constants is the next regularly scheduled adjustment. Data being used in this adjustment is required to have been discussed in a publication preprint or a publication prior to 31 December 2022.

I guess we just have to wait :slight_smile:

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