Can't compile the code

Hey, i’m having problems to compile this code, i don’t really know the right commands to compile properly, the way i usually do it is “gfortran -o code.f90”. I think this code is quite old so new features were added but i don’t really know how to “translate” it to modern versions. If someone could help me on that, it would help me a lot.

parC.txt (956 Bytes)
CouetteAI.txt (9.6 KB)

What steps are you taking to compile the file?
Also, you don’t really have to convert to Modern Fortran to get this to compile.

I was able to compile the program successfully with the following steps:

  • rename:
  • rename: CouetteAI.txtCouetteAI.F
  • gfortran CouetteAI.F compiles the files

when i try do compile it shows me the warning “Fortran 2018 deleted feature: DO termination statement which is not END DO or CONTINUE with label 100 at (1)”

Yes that is correct. You will notice however that, that is a Warning, not an Error.