Best way to retrieve a string from C

I have a small package that interfaces with a C library. One of the tasks is to convert a string managed by the C library to a string that can be used in Fortran. Currently I use code like this:

    character(:), allocatable, intent(out)  :: value
    integer                                 :: i
    type(c_ptr)                             :: cvalue
    character(len=1), pointer, dimension(:) :: cchar

    call c_f_pointer( cvalue, cchar, [strlen(cvalue)] )

    allocate( character(len=size(cchar)) :: value )
    do i = 1,size(cchar)
        value(i:i) = cchar(i)

But I wonder if there is a more direct way to achieve this. The other way around only requires adding a NUL character.

A few solutions are available in previous threads:

Oops. :blush:, I had completely forgotten about that post. WIll have to revisit that code indeed!