April Fools Fortran

Over the years I’ve seen Fortran April Fools jokes. The joke is usually based on the perception that Fortran is something obsolete or ridiculous. Here’s the first one I’ve seen today:

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Here’s one from Google from 2009:

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It’s not nice to make fun of the elderly! :older_man:
especially when they run faster than you. :smirk:

Anyway, I am happy to learn that Ruby is an ISO standard since 2012:

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Nothing like having to pay to read the spec of your language…

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Based on TIOBE, Fortran is beating Ruby today:

So I think it’s good that they are now including Fortran in their conference to learn from it.


It seems they have carefully deleted all the available drafts… I have only found the 21st pages:

I was wondering if there was somewhere a list of standardized languages. In the ISO International Classification for Standards (ICS), it’s in 35.060 Languages used in information technology. You will find: ALGOL 60, Fortran, COBOL, C, PL/1, Pascal, APL, Ada, SQL, CHILL, Full BASIC, Modula-2, M, Prolog, C++, Extended APL, ISLisp, VDM-SL, DXL, FORTH, Eiffel, Ruby.