An overenthusiastic programmer

Recently I received the following response from a compiler when I asked the compiler to build and run a debug version of a Fortran program that I was working on.

Attempt to call a routine with one thousand four hundred and fourteen arguments when five were required at address 1a0093e9

Within file prb6.exe
in DCOPY at address 26c
in JACBD in line 303, at address 853
in DSETPK in line 7970, at address 72f
in DSTOKA in line 7657, at address 1c42
in DLSODKR in line 10531, at address 45d6
in MAIN in line 111, at address 9b4

I have failed to win arguments often, but never have I come across any subprogram with 1444 arguments, nor would it be easy to fit that many arguments in a CALL statement within the 39+1 line limit for a statement even if the 132 character limit on line length were not in force.

The compiler made a slip in passing the extra information about the argument count that it passed on the stack.

The next day, with a slightly different candidate program, the message became more acceptable:

Attempt to call a routine with minus one arguments when three were required at address 1a0093e9

Within file bug.exe
in DUMSUM at address 145
in DUMACH in line 21, at address 119
in NEGCOUNTARG in line 6, at address 3d

No need to count arguments this time.