An interesting video: Python vs Fortran vs GNU Octave/MATLAB --- side by side performance comparison


Solid video by all standards. Love it. How about comparing with Julia, C/C++?


I’ve tried Julia on and off for the past 5 years but eventually gave it up. The reason is two-fold.

First, the built-in functions in R and Python are no slower than in Julia because they are written in compiled languages like C/C++/Fortran. See, eg., this thread:

Combined with the packages that are written in compiled languages, R and Python are fast enough for most of my jobs.

Second, the notion that Julia solves the two-language problem is debatable. To get C/C++/Fortran performance, Julia codes can get very verbose and complicated. See, eg., this thread:


LOL. We are on the same boat.
When I see people have to manually add macros here and there in Julia code to speed it up, I realized that I may not be hooked to Julia.

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“And that’s why you don’t mess with Fortran” :rofl: Brilliant.

Youtube recommends this guy’s videos to me all the time, and I wish it didn’t. If he’s going for humor, I wish he’d be a little more on-the-nose about it. It’s a little concerning to think that people are watching these and taking it seriously at all. It’s like a satire of the lazy language “benchmarks” you see everywhere, but it’s played straight enough that I don’t think it’s satire…