A trailer for a fortran course 🙂

I recently tumbled upon on a tweet from Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe - (PRACE) regarding an introductory MOOC - “Fortran for Scientific computing” starting on 27th Sep 2021. It had a “trailer” for fortran which I found interesting! Hence sharing the links here.

Youtube (trailer): 012572 012572 FORTRAN v2 Ondertitels - YouTube
Original tweet: https://twitter.com/PRACE_RI/status/1438826570664325124
Link for MOOC: Fortran for Scientific Computing - Programming Course - FutureLearn


Thanks for sharing this. If you can get over the all caps (FORTRAN), the trailer is quite funny.


This is really really nice cool stuff!
Is it also possible to put this course on Courera?