Ten computer codes that transformed science

Great points, but please read this comment I made in another thread. As I list therein, the Fortran language standard still needs to include about half-a-dozen facilities to be viable for modern library and application development - note most of these are features that other languages finding applications in technical computing such as Ada have had for decades (at least since 1990s. The half-dozen items are not bleeding-edge or novel or esoteric features, just things that have proved over the years to enable better and more expressive and safe and efficient code in technical computing.

Without truly modern libraries i.e., as something which is more than a collection of subprograms, the fact is Fortran will hardly be a choice in many domains in scientific and technical computing even as it might find increasing usage in absolute terms while suffering from a greatly sinking fraction, relatively speaking, of application in the tremendously growing role of computational science and technology in all aspects of life and society.