New Release of http-client - Enhancing HTTP Requests in Fortran!

@rajkumardongre just added the API docs (FORD) deployment in CI:


Thank you, @ivanpribec . My experience with Fortran has been truly remarkable. This discussion group has proven to be an invaluable resource, saving me a lot of time. Whenever I encounter an error, I find that someone else has likely faced the same issue before, and the Fortran community readily offers solutions. Even if it’s a new error for me, the community is always willing to provide assistance.

Reflecting on my past experience with Fortran, I had minimal exposure to the language. However, one day while delving into the history of programming languages, I discovered that Fortran was the first programming language. Intrigued by this, I decided to explore Fortran out of curiosity. I found it both fascinating and easy to learn. Despite being the world’s first programming language and having such straightforward syntax, I’ve often wondered why Fortran isn’t as widely used as other languages. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that our community possesses the potential to elevate the popularity of Fortran among programmers.

Initiatives like fpm, stdlib, vscode-fortran-support,, and numerous other projects are already playing a crucial role in this endeavor. We are well on our way to making Fortran a versatile choice for any use case.


Happy to hear that. I hope our community really deserves the praise! I’m sure Milan and the other mentors do.

Btw, returning to the viral tweet, the author of it, Kelsey Hightower, a former Google Engineer and Kubernetes developer, referenced Fortran in a talk:

Fortran is still here, one of the original programming languages. Don’t you dare call it legacy! It’s a classic programming language. Many of you are probably being paid because of Fortran, so respect it.

– Kelsey Hightower

He shares the story of Dorothy Vaughan, popularized through the book and movie Hidden Figures, and Vaughan’s mission teaching Fortran at NASA Langley, calling her a “10X engineer” for helping enable the transition to digital computers. (Side fact - Fortran is still used in NASA’s Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimization System today.)

I think it’s fair to say the Fortran GSoC contributors are on an excellent path :rocket: of becoming 10X engineers themselves as their efforts enable the rest of us to explore new parts of the software ecosystem. :milky_way:


I tried to build the library with fpm build but got the following output:

fpm build
<ERROR> *cmd_build* Package error: Dependency stdlib must be a table entry

So I guess the dependencies entry in the fpm.toml has to be modified to include stdlib = { git="", branch="stdlib-fpm" } instead of stdlib = "*" or modify the sentence:

http-client uses fpm as the build system. Make sure you have fpm-0.8.x or later installed” in the readme, as my fpm version is 0.8.2-alpha.


You’ll need fpm 0.9.0.

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GitHub user vypivshiy wrote fortelegram-bot, a Telegram bot in Fortran.


Amazing Work :clap: