Isovalues plot map

Hi everybody

I’m interested in computing a fortran code to obtain 2-D and 3-D isovalues plot map, for instance, isovalues of electrostatic potential, such as in this picture:

Somebody can help me?

thanks in advance


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Welcome to the Fortran Discourse @abach5,

maybe with PLplot:

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Paul Bourke has written a routine called CONREC for conturing rectangularily spaced data. I believe it’s a variation of the marching squares algorithm.

The drawing routine used by CONREC assumes you have PGPLOT installed.

Personally, I would just use pyplot.contour in Matplotlib or the equivalent contour command in MATLAB. To pass your data to Python (NumPy), you can use the procedure save_npy from the stdlib_io_npy module in the Fortran standard library.

In the past I’ve also generated decent contour plots with gnuplot, but it can be tedious.

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See also the PLplot example 8, in Fortran:

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Gnuplot lets to plot contours as well.


This is an OO Fortran interface to gnuplot, usable as fpm package, that covers also contour plots.