Fortrangis - any newer version available?

We are using the fortrangis library in some of our software: a Fortran interface to various GIS libraries and recently a client ran into a build problem with the proj library (unresolved externals). It seems to be due to a difference in the API: fortrrangis is based on an older version of the proj library than this client has installed.

So, now the question is: is there an up-to-date version of fortrangis?

It seems there is some activity here:

Thank you! I had found another Github project, but that was about the same age (8 years or so). We will look into this one.

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Fortrangis is a very nice library. We have used it routinely in our projects, mostly to handle geotiff I/O, but I think it can do quite a bit more. Also the mainteiner was very responsive when I reported a compile issue with some specific version of gfortran.

@ludnic, thanks for that information. The maintainer would be David Cesari?

Right @Arjen I had a few email exchanges with Davide a couple of years ago.