Character length argument

Hello please, I need help when I type run, it gave me this message (Character length argument mismatch)

call OUT2DGRD(101,‘snapshotVx.grd’,nx,nz,dx,dz,1,nx,1,nz,snap_vx)
call OUT2DGRD(102,‘snapshotVz.grd’,nx,nz,dx,dz,1,nx,1,nz,snap_vz)
call OUT2DGRD(103,‘snapshot_p.grd’,nx,nz,dx,dz,1,nx,1,nz,snap_d1)
call OUT2DGRD(104,‘snapshot_s.grd’,nx,nz,dx,dz,1,nx,1,nz,snap_d2)

A mismatch occurs because some of the actual arguments do not match their corresponding dummy arguments. To resolve such a mismatch, we need to see the subroutine statement and the declarations of the dummy arguments contained in that statement. You have shown us the actual arguments, but not their declarations. You have not shown us any of the dummy arguments.

I suspect that the second dummy argument is declared as a character variable of default (=1) length.